Free German driving certificate questions in Arabic


For the first time, all forms of driving certificate questions in Germany in Arabic are available for online training and free of charge. 1094 recent questions that include all forms of driving certification questions in Germany, classified into 24 tests. At the end of each test, you can review all the questions and answers that you have provided in a sequence.

The theoretical basis for obtaining a driver’s license, whether for a car or a motorcycle, is essential and an integral part of driver’s license training. It is important for the subsequent participation in road traffic.

Fact: Theoretical lessons are mandatory for each category of driving licenses.

German driving test questions with the 2020 tests are considered somewhat easy questions, but they need focus and intuition to find the correct answer to them. The questions vary between video questions, pictures, or theoretical questions that do not contain any pictures. The form of the questions varies according to the type. The question, for example, there are questions that have one answer, the other has two answers, and the other all the answers are correct. Therefore, every driver should pay close attention before putting the answers.

The number of questions placed in the test is thirty-four, related to the signs, signals and dangers that may occur on the road. Of course, many Arabs who are still learning in Germany hope to pass this test in order to drive in peace, and for this we are honored to present our site You have two wonderful things, the first is a brief overview of the questions in the test and the second is a wonderful application in the Arabic language in order to benefit Arab expatriates who pass this test well.

Examples of questions for the German drive examination 2020

The first question

You have to drive an unknown car to you. Why should you be especially careful at first? Maybe I know very little about properties

In the arrangement and function of operating elements

In braking behavior

In steering behavior

The second question of the driving test questions in Germany, which includes a text

What often leads to serious accidents?

Driving with very little distance

Inappropriate speed

Insufficiency of hypochondria

The third question

Get out of the car and help the person in trouble

I command and keep walking around it

I stop and turn on the warning lights

Questions contain a picture

the fourth question

What could cause a rear collision?

Heavy crowding of cars

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