German language exam forms for all levels


In this paragraph, I came to you with a site that provides samples of German language questions and exams for all levels (from A1 to C2), in addition to that it includes audio files that will be played in the exam, reading, writing and speaking questions as well.

Many of us have become forced to skip placement tests in the German language, such as the German language test A1, A2, B1 … that, as residents of Germany, we are obligated to pass these exams for purposes including obtaining permanent residence in this country or to obtain a place in vocational training centers or To work that matches the level of education we got in our countries of origin, or in order to be qualified and we can enroll in German universities and continue our university studies in them.

Forms for German language exams level B1:

In order to try to simplify this issue for the two coming to these exams, we have in the last lesson searched for models for German language examinations level B1 because this level is the most difficult and most of our website followers ask about it and ask for samples from it to strengthen their language and the ability to pass this exam successfully.

Today in this lesson we have samples of German language exams level A1 after we received many messages from our esteemed followers asking us to do so, and in response to their request, our team collected a set of German language exams A1 level of a group of educational institutions recognized in Germany as a Goethe Institut), (telc Institut), and (ÖIF Institut).

We have six forms of the A1 exam to learn German for different agencies, including (Goethe Institut), (telc Institut) and others, you can simply choose the form you want to test and click on the link to direct you to the A1 exam form and start solving exercises, good luck for everyone.

The link can be accessed from here.

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