The best home rental company in Germany


Activists to social networking sites are linked to a German company, secure residential apartments for those who need Arab refugees in Germany.

Arab Germany, interested in Arab refugees, said on Friday, adding that Vonovia is looking for houses within the payment capabilities provided by “Jubat Center” and noted that the company was spread in all the German states.

The “Job Center” is a center spread in different places in Germany, in which new refugees to Germany are registered, and it is responsible for securing apartments for them.

Enab Baladi searched the company’s website, which published a service number for Arab customers, and said, “Whatever your concerns or questions, we are at your service to provide you with the necessary assistance. You can call the customer service department on 0234414700017, if you are looking for an apartment.”

The news was widely welcomed among the Syrian refugees in Germany, and one of them wrote, “It is a house rental company that has allocated a phone number in Arabic to fight brokerage, and then houses in all cities of Germany.”

Refugees in Germany, including Syrians, suffer from the difficulty of adapting and integrating with German society, especially with the change of decisions made regarding their presence in the country, as they have recently amended the rules for family unification and new identification cards have been adopted.

The link can be accessed from here.

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