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Sfi exam samples for all courses – nationellt prov sfi kurs b – c – d The forms are free from any obstacles and therefore they are suitable for everyone and would make the content of the materials and the format of the exam familiar to the student when testing, and he explains what is important in the exam in order to provide students with an opportunity To see and answer various standard patterns of questions, and to familiarize students with how to deal with or answer final exams.

The stage of the Swedish language for immigrants '' which is known as SFI ” This stage includes 4 levels “ A, B, C, D ” .. At the beginning, the next subject to a placement test and according to the result is entered a level that equals his experience in the Swedish language and often What is placed undergraduate level C directly, and this stage is necessary for everyone who came to live in Sweden .. In addition to that whoever skips this stage and gets a certificate .. finds more opportunities than others because the SFI increases the chances of obtaining some jobs in Sweden, It is also an important stage for anyone who wants to study a course in a specific profession.

The stage of “Swedish as a second language” after the mother tongue .. It is known as “SAS” This stage includes three types:

1- “SAS” rapid “SAS Intensiv” and has three stages (SVA01, SVA02, SVA03) and at this stage you get a Swedish language certificate equivalent to Swedish high school in the language .. and its duration is 21 weeks, which is equivalent to approximately 5 months ..

2- “Slow” SAS “Komvux” duration of 30 to 60 weeks, which is equivalent to about 8- 16 months, “according to the student’s activity and its capacity”

3- The foundational basis “SAS Grund” is about 8 weeks long – equivalent to two months – and this is taught in many schools after the SFI as a qualification for the “fast SAS”, meaning that it is taught just before the fast SAS.

The SAS stage is very important for anyone who wants to complete his university studies in Sweden.

Taking into consideration that the academic system and the duration of each stage may differ from school, institute or university to another …

The C1 stage, which is a test for those who feel that they are proficient in the language, to obtain a certificate equivalent to the SAS Express certificate, which in turn is equivalent to the Swedish secondary stage.

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