Voice conversations for all levels of the German language


Audio books to learn the German language As some say Deutsch lernen macht Spass or learn German is fun, how to learn German is fun and most language learners rely heavily on German grammar books and their explanation only and the sources of language learning do not vary, they waste great energies in learning from books and do not comfort themselves by hearing audio books to learn German language . Think about the little boy, after two years he starts talking, after 4 years he communicates with those around him using language satisfactorily. Did he read a book? Did he take Arabic lessons? Did he join qualification courses? He learned the language automatically from the family and relatives, the most important thing he used to learn the language is the ears, of course with the eyesight as well as the mind that analyzes, connects and remembers, but the most important sense was used is the sense of hearing.

One of the best audio courses for learning German based on English, as it is concerned with the audio aspect and is highly recommended on the A1-A2 level to the B1.2 level. An excellent audio course .. It only cares about the audio side and this is what distinguishes it .. One of the most successful audio courses … The course consists of 4 levels with a number of 120 lessons .. Each level is 30 lessons .. The duration of one lesson is half an hour .. Each level has a number of reading lessons and a text file for reading lessons .. The reading lesson is studied after the regular lesson equal to it in the number, for example Example Lesson 10 is heard, then several reading lessons number 10. The link can be accessed from here

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