Best Chocolate Chip Cookies


We named this recipe “Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies,” because it’s got everything a cookie connoisseur could possibly ask for. With a texture that is slightly crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, it’s a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe that’s been top-rated by hundreds of satisfied home cooks.

Chocolate chip cookies are deeply personal. Everyone has an opinion on what it takes to make the very best, but when it comes right down to it, no one can resist a plate of freshly baked ones, no matter their texture (or degree of doneness).

It all comes down to mastering a few tricks we’ve picked up after talking to baking pros—and spending way too much time testing copycat versions of the top bakery treats. Below, our 5 commandments to chocolate chip cookie perfection.

1. Gimme Some (Brown) Sugar.

Many chocolate chip cookie recipes call for even parts white and brown sugar (classic back-of-the-yellow-bag Toll House recipe included!), but for that rich, chewy, caramel-y flavor, tilt the scales, using a little more brown sugar.

2. Get Your Fats Right.

Sure, there are plenty of substitutes for butter, but they’ll have a serious impact on your end result. If you love fluffy cookies that are like barely baked dough, skip the butter entirely and go for cream cheese instead. Margarine causes cookies that spread wafer-thin, but regular, room temperature butter gives you chewy, crowd-pleasing results. (And if you’re feeling really fancy, go for European butter, which gives the treats a richer, more buttery taste.)

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